93 / 74
      90 / 75
      85 / 74

      Mild March continues

      This Afternoon: Sunny and Warm then Increasing Clouds late

      Temperatures: Near 70 | Wind: SW 5-10

      Overnight: Cloudy and Mild, Chance A Few light showers

      Lows: 48-53 | Rain: 50% Chance

      Tuesday: Becoming Sunny and Warmer

      Highs: Near 75 | Wind: SW 10-15

      Our mild pattern we've had since November continues into March.{ } A general "ridge" in the atmosphere in the east means more of the same this week with temperatures 15-20 degrees above average the next few days.{ } The big storm is off the Pacific Northwest coast but no signs of any storms coming our way.{ } A weak wave in the air will bring in clouds later today with a 50-50 chance of a few light showers later tonight but then an even warmer day Tuesday and again near 70 even on Wednesday and Thursday.{ } Cherry blossoms really stirring.