Midwest storms leave area travelers in limbo

Photo: Dov Harrington via Creative Commons

Heavy storms{ }in the Midwest{ }are affecting air travel, leaving many travelers in limbo. The mess from the storms has caused several cancellations and delays at Reagan National.

“Can’t control the weather,” says Ariele Brasel, who is visiting the D.C. area with her husband, Mark Daniel.

“We were getting ready to go back home to Seattle,” she says. “Got here to the airport and found out our flight had been cancelled.”

Another night in the city meant another chance to catch the city sights.

“I actually was trying to get home last night,” says Molly Walsh.

It was a second attempt for Walsh, whose flight was cancelled Wednesday evening. She returned to the airport Thursday only to find out her flight was delayed five hours.

“It’s what happens when you travel,” she says. “You just have to take it with a grain of salt. You have to roll with it.”

She can’t imagine what it’s been like for the airline workers.

“We were here for a board meeting, for a medical meeting, and for a little bit of vacation,” Maureen McCue says.{ }Her flight plans changed in minutes.

“It got delayed three of four times while we were trying to get my boarding tickets and check my bags.”

The McCue’s were rebooked to a flight to Dallas. Then they hope they can fly home to Iowa.