Midweek Snow Update: How Much & When

      SNOW -- it's what's on everyone's mind. When? How much? For how long? What impacts? Let's break it down based on current information.


      A winter storm watch is in effect for the entire viewing area from 7pm tomorrow evening (Wednesday) through 7pm Thursday.{} A winter storm watch means there is the potential for 5+ inches of snow.

      The coastal storm, that will bring us the snow, has yet to even develop, which makes forecasting extra tricky.{}{} After looking at multiple computer simulations and projections, it looks likely the snow will start from south to north after the evening rush hour.{}

      RPM model RPM model

      By the time you wake up Thursday morning, snow will already be on the ground.{} As the low gets closer to the coast, slightly warmer air will start to feed into the region.{} That will bring us a transition to rain and sleet, especially along and west of I-95 during the early to mid morning hours.{} That transition zone will cause significant impacts to snowfall accumulations.{} (See two maps above)

      HOW MUCH?

      Significant snow is possible with nearly an inch of liquid precipitation possible.{} If a general 10:1 snow/liquid ratio is used, between 5-10 inches will be a possibility.{} *The 10:1 ratio means that for every inch of rain, 10 inches of snow will accumulate.{}

      With the expectation that rain and/or sleet will mix in, especially over southern MD, that could lessen snowfall totals.{} Here's a graphic that shows where the highest totals are most likely to occur.


      The event will begin tomorrow evening and will wrap up Thursday afternoon.{} It should be a fairly quick event; however, it will have a high impact on travel.


      This nor'easter will impact everyone up and down the east coast.{} Check out all of the winter storm watches, warnings, and advisories across the eastern half of the U.S.{} The southern tier of the country is dealing with the first wave of wintry weather this morning.{}

      Once the second wave develops over the Gulf coast, and races up the east coast, expect additional watches and warnings to be issued over New England.{}

      Flights will likely be canceled and delayed over the next several days due to the impending storm.{} Also, school closings and delays look to be a definite possibility on Thursday and Friday.{}

      MORE INFO:

      Stay with the entire StormWatch7 weather team for the latest updates, as they become available.{} By tomorrow afternoon, we'll have an even better handle on the situation, since the storm will have developed.