Man struck by lightning twice; walks away (VIDEO)

In this edition of Humanity v. Weather (changing the title of this series to be less sex-specific; women take on weather, too!), a lone contender grapples with the incapacitating force of not one, but two of Zeus' almighty lightning bolts. Look at those blast rings that appear on the pavement after each strike.

However, I am calling shenanigans on this impressive yet impossible-to-believe video. There is no way – NO WAY – that this person 1) was hit twice by lightning in the space of seconds 2) it was all caught on tape, and 3) there weren't serious injuries that were immediately apparent. The lack of identifying information to go along with the video adds to the evidence that it's a sham. If anybody knows otherwise, please drop a note. But for now I deem this video as dubious as this Birdemic-quality lightning-strike video.

In lightning news that doesn't smell, a gym teacher was blasted as he sat at his desk in Alabama last week. And this smoldering man, in one of the best deadpan weather interviews out there, says, "I’ve had enough. I’ve had enough lightning."