Longer nights as we quickly lose daylight

      The time of year is approaching{}when it's dark outside when{}you leave for work and arrive home in the afternoon. The nights are quickly getting longer as darkness out weighs daylight, and we are quickly losing our daylight. Here's a breakdown of the details and what it means to our weather.

      With a sunrise shortly after 7am and sunset at 6:42pm, D.C. has 11 hours and 33 minutes of daylight today, but that drops more than an hour to 10 hours{}and 20 minutes by this time next month.{}Compare that to our "shortest days," which are December 21st and 22nd when we have only 9 hours and 26 minutes of daylight.

      Longer nights and shorter days in the fall generally{}leads to cool mornings but comfortable, and sometimes warm afternoons.{}For example, lows this morning are mostly in the 40s across the abc7 viewing area, but afternoon highs will reach into the lower 70s.{}This is about a{}30 degree temperature change, so you'll want a light jacket in the morning then short sleeves into the afternoon.{}As for the weekend, it'll be slightly warmer but with a{}big temperature{}gap{}as morning lows drop into the 50s and afternoon highs climb into the lower 80s by Sunday.{}