D.C. weather: Locals take advantage of sunshine before storm hits

ARLINGTON, Va. (WJLA) - The flowers are blooming, the birds are out. It's hard to believe just eight short days ago, we were shoveling snow.

Washington, D.C. is suffering from a serious case of weather whiplash.

Tuesday, people all throughout the area were taking full advantage of the last day of sunshine before another winter storm is expected to hit the area mid-week.

Jean and Jerry Lee of Alexandria were marking the nearly-60-degree day like so many others -- on the golf course.

"I absolutely love it," Jean Lee told ABC7. "Course, I like all kinds of weather, but this is really nice because I'm excited to get out and play golf."

As temperatures finally climbed above normal, one could see cyclists, runners and inline skaters alike, taking to the roads.

"It's wonderful," said Carol Patch, an inline skater. "There's no snow, there's no ice, it's warm enough that you can breathe. It's great."