It's National Weather Person's Day!

You plan your day around the weather.{ } Do you need an umbrella?{ } Is it a good day to head to the pool?{ } Is there a risk for severe storms?{ } Or is another snowmaggedon heading our way?{ }

Whenever you need an answer to these questions, you turn to a weatherperson.{ } Today, February 5th, is National Weather Person's Day.{ } The day commemorates John Jeffries, one of the first American weather observers.{ } John Jeffries, born February 5th, 1744,{ }began taking weather measurements in 1774 in Boston.{ } Jeffries also took the first weather balloon observation in 1784.{ }

John Jeffries

Since then, the study of weather and climate has evolved greatly{ }and better forecasting tools and techniques are available{ }to provide increasingly more accurate short term and long range weather forecasts.{ } Meteorology and climatology{ }are still growing sciences, but forecasts{ }continue to improve on a daily basis.{ }

Don't forget to recognize the forecasters who prepare you for daily weather, the "big storms", and an ever changing climate.{ }{ }

Cheers to the incredibly large and talented Stormwatch 7 Weather Team:

Doug Hill, Bob Ryan, Jacqui Jeras, Adam Caskey, Brian van de Graaff, Steve Rudin, Devon Lucie, Alex Liggitt, Eileen Whelan, Dave Zahren, Lauryn Ricketts, Chad Merrill, Mike Stinneford, and Ryan Miller.