Intense heat on the way to D.C. area

Intense heat is on the way in the coming days. With that in mind

According to ABC7's Bob Ryan, by Wednesday and Thursday, west winds and a building dome of hot air will bring the hottest days so far this summer. Temperatures are expected to reach the mid and upper 90s on those days.

"Oh man! I'm gonna sweat a lot aren't I? Yeah, you just gotta drink a lot of water," Virginian Harris Lokman said.

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Factor in the humidity and it will feel closer to 100 degrees outside.

Lokman added, "You wait a couple days and the weather just swings 180. Today's a decent day, and then you are gonna have 100 degree weather. Nobody is ever prepared for things like that."

The Red Cross suggests the following tips for keep cool in the intense summer weather:

- Drink plenty of fluids, even if you're not thirsty. Try to stay away from caffeinated and alcoholic drinks.
- Wear loose-fitting, light-colored clothing.
- Stay indoors and avoid strenuous activities if you can.
- If you do work outside, take frequent breaks.