Hurricane Season Ends Today

Another hurricane season in the books and this one was a particularly active one.{ } I think the hurricane that will stand out most from the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season is Sandy.{ } Sandy had the greatest impact on life, property, and was a meteorological phenomenon, as it transitioned to a superstorm of epic proportion devastating so much of the Northeast.{ } Hurricane Sandy is the 2nd largest storm on record and is the 3rd (preliminary) costliest storm on record, with about $32 billion from NY alone.{ } Here are a few other meteorological records from Sandy.

Even though Sandy stands out, many people, especially folks in the Southeast, remember Isaac very well.{ } Remember Isaac?{ } Hurricane Isaac threatened the Republican National Convention in late August and then made landfall near the mouth of the Mississippi River on August 28th causing significant flooding and very high storm surge.{ }

The first named storms developed several days before the official start of the Atlantic hurricane season (June 1st).{ } Tropical Storm Alberto developed May 19th and Tropical Storm Beryl formed May 23rd.{ } Tropical storms continued to develop and we made it all the way to Tony, just two names before finishing the list.{ }

The 2012 Atlantic hurricane season ends as the 3rd busiest season on record, which ties 2011, 2010, 1995, and 1887.{ } There were a total of 19 named storms, 10 of which became hurricanes.{ }{ }