Hurricane Sandy power outages: Dominion, BGE, Pepco, other company power information

Damage in Arlington. (Photo: Jennifer Donelan)

Sandy, the massive storm that has wreaked havoc across the East Coast, has left thousands of customers in the dark locally.

As always, we're going to stay on the power situation and get you the latest numbers from the local utilities on where the power is out.

For the very latest forecast, you follow the StormWatch 7 live blog here and watch the live stream of NewsChannel 8 here.

What's important to remember in these situations is that the power companies do not know you have lost power unless you tell them. If you lose power, use the phone numbers below to let your utility know that you're in the dark.

If you see severe weather or damage in your neighborhood and can safely take photos or video, send it to Make sure to include your name and location.

These power outage numbers are current as of{ }5:28 a.m. Friday. You can click on the name of your power provider to get a detailed map of outages.

BGE 3,542 Pepco 38 Dominion 2 SMECO 0 NOVEC 0 Potomac Edison 15,527

If your power goes out, you can report the outage to your power company by calling these numbers:

BGE 1-877-778-2222 Pepco 1-877-737-2662 Dominion 1-866-DOM-HELP SMECO 1-877-747-6326 NOVEC 1-888-335-0500 Potomac Edison


Here are some tips on how to handle threats to or loss of electrical power:

If you still have power but it could go out at any time:

- Find out where your fuse box is located and check to ensure no fuse is tripped. Keep spare fuses handy.

- Put your medication in your refrigerator. Most meds can be kept in a closed fridge for several hours without a problem.

- Check your car's gas tank to make sure it is at least half full. Gas pumps need electricity to run, so stations may shut down.

- Carry a house key in your pocket, wallet or purse. If your power goes out and you regularly enter your home through the garage, your electric-powered garage door won't be able to open and you will need a key to get inside your front or back door.

- Make sure you have spare batteries for flashlights and matches for candles.

If your power is already out:

- Use flashlights, candles or oil lamps for light.

- Don't use kerosene heaters, barbeque grills or any outdoor-type heater indoors. These create poisonous gases.

- Try not to open your refrigerator and freezer doors too much. The food inside should stay cold for hours as long as the door is shut.

- Unplug unnecessary electronics like computers, televisions and stereos. When the power does come back on, all of these will turn on at once and can result in a power surge. But leave a light on so that you will know when the power returns.

- If it's cool, dress in layers to stay warm. Wear gloves and a knit hat. If you can't get warm, take a warm shower. Even if your hot water tank is electric, the water in it will stay warm for a few hours.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.