Hurricane Sandy: Locals help out Staten Island victims

What Lara Fabiano saw this weekend is painful. Her Staten Island neighborhood is in shambles.

"Houses are just destroyed. They floated off their foundations,” she said.

The home where her parents live flooded and destroyed their washer, dryer and furnace.

"Everything is destroyed and they have a Nor’easter coming today to top it off,” said Fabiano, who lives in Falls Church.

She and dozens of others stopped by Chesterbrook School and dropped off donations for Hurricane Sandy victims in Staten Island.

It’s the kind of support created when friends and neighbors talk, plan and use social media to get the word out.

"This is what it has turned into from one kid saying you gotta do something,” said Jennifer LaTourette, whose 6-year-old daughter insisted they do something to help the victims while watching a television relief concert.

LaTourette sent a simple e-mail to friends, but the word quickly spread and donations started pouring in at her home.

She didn’t have enough space so with the help of the principal at Chesterbrook School and the American Trucking Association, they set up a semi-truck and used the school as a drop-off location.

In a two hour span, there were enough bagged donations to almost fill up the first truck.

A second truck was brought in to help provide more space.

The truck packed with donations was scheduled to leave the Virginia area this afternoon, so victims out in Staten Island could be getting some of the supplies as early as Wednesday tonight.

"We've all come together to help out our fellow Americans," said David Boyer, truck driver and member of the Trucking Association and also helped deliver needed goods to Joplin, Mo. when a tornado devastated the town.

"To see the faces on them people that didn't have anything,” he said. “You know it touches home. It touches you in your heart."