Hurricane Irene: Debris removal instructions, sandbag advice

Debris an downed trees are causing some issues throughout the city. (Photo: Mark Segraves/ABC7)

In the wake of Hurricane Irene, Washington remains littered with downed trees, limbs and branches.

But what should you do with them? The D.C. Department of Public Works issued these instructions Monday morning:

1. If hiring a tree specialist or landscaping company to cut up fallen trees and limbs, please have the contractor remove all the debris.

2. From Aug. 29-Sept. 2 only, the Department of Public Works will remove branches cut into 4-inch lengths and tied into bundles no more than 2 inches in diameter from the treeboxes in front of residents' homes. After Sept. 2, these items can be placed where your trash is collected.

3. Please place debris, bagged or loose, in the treebox space, not the gutter so the gutters can remain clear and crews can run mechanical sweepers along the curb lanes. Do not include rocks, stones or concrete.

4. Hurricane season ends in November, so please hold onto your sandbags, just in case.