How Does The Weather Make You Feel?

If you’re anything like me, you can tell when the weather is changing. I may know a little bit more{ }about the forecast, and what is headed our way, based on my profession, but guess what?{ } It's also about how I feel.{ } More specifically, how does my head feel?

There are numerous studies and articles posted on the weather and the relation to living things. Biometeorology studies this particular relationship. Farmers have an understanding of how the weather will affect crop cycles and growth, fishermen realize weather patterns can affect their catch, and doctors are coming to learn how weather affects their patients.

There are some doctors argue headaches are not caused or influenced by weather pattern changes. But many doctors, and certainly many patients, say and feel that changes in pressure, temperature, and humidity cause, or contribute to headaches.

Among all the studies published, there’s conflicting evidence on the medical correlation, so no single explanation has been universally accepted.

For me, it’s all about experience and how{ }I feel. Take today, for example. How are you feeling? There’s a deepening area of Low pressure moving in from the Southwest.

{ }

That means a fairly rapid drop in pressure over a short, 24 hour, period.{ } The atmospheric pressure will drop by almost 2% in 24 hours.{ } That's roughtly equivalent to a temperature change of 20 to 30 degrees in 24 hours.{ } A big change in temperature and today the atmosphere will have a big change in pressure from now until about Midnight.{ } So, if you're anything like me, you may start to notice a splitting headache{ }(similar to what I'm currently experiencing), as the pressure really falls this afternoon and evening.

So can I attribute every headache to the weather?{ }{ } Probably not, since this doesn't happen every time the weather changes.{ } Plus, there hasn't been a distinct medical correlation between weather and headaches.{ } I have heard of many other people experiencing aches and/or pains when the pressure or temperature changes, so it's something I think worthwhile to explore.{ }

In fact, our ABC7 Facebook page is conducting an opinion post (it's up there right now) on how you feel about big weather changes.{ } So weigh in and tell us what you think!{ } Like big changes or not and why not?

Also, feel free to email me.{ }{ } Would love to hear from you!