How hot does it gets inside a car on a hot summer day?

You can tell just how hot it gets in your car when you come outside from work, shopping or just about anywhere and get into your car. Some days, it gets so bad you need to turn your car on and open the windows to get the hot air out before driving. Our partners at WeatherBug decided they would do an experiment to see how hot a car would get during this current heatwave.

See the WeatherBug story here

This video features Jacob Wycoff, who is a meteorologist at WeatherBug who decided to be the test subject of this potentially dangerous experiment. On a side note, ABC 7 thought about doing this for our Surviving Severe Weather Special, but we could not get a doctor who would be willing to put one of us in harms way. Needless to say, this is very dangerous, do not try it!