Historic Snowstorm?: Now a Blizzard Watch

      More and more the storm that is just beginning to form in the Gulf will become a major snow storm for New England.{} Jacqui gave a great overview of this storm earlier today.{} The storm will see the convergence of a weak storm moving from the west, merging with a strong storm/wave from the southeast and becoming a "monster" for New England.{} Our regional Futurecast nicely captures this sequence in the next two days.{}


      A blizzard watch is now out for the Boston area.{}

      {} One of the great tools for forecasting these storms is not any 1 model or simulation of the atmosphere but the ensemble or the simulation of a number of "models".{} Here is the output of{}an ensemble from earlier today looks like from the great site at PSU.{} Not a big threat for us and that red line well to our north suggests any precipitation here{} would be rain, not snow{}{}

      And here is the ensemble output of total precipitation for the Northeast by Saturday.{}

      Have friends in Boston and other areas of New England?{} The dark red region is 3" of precipitation or, if it comes about . . . close to 30" of snow!!{} Tell your New England friends to get ready and for snow lovers here in the D.C. area . . .well you could still get a flight tomorrow to Boston.{} But be prepared to be there for many days.