High heat is back and a bit of a drought in the D.C. area

The region has had it's first taste of summer for over two weeks now, with the past 16 days being at or above normal and the first 90 degree day of the year occurred on the 26th of May. So far this year, the region has had 4 90-degree days, including 3 of them above 95 degrees.{ }This compares to the 8 90-degree days that we had already at this time last year.

It appears the region may be able to gain some ground this week, as highs should eclipse the 90 degree mark Tuesday through Friday, and on 2 of those days highs should be above 95.

If you're one that is not a fan of the heat, this week won't be for you, and the humidity will make it even worse, with dewpoints in the upper 60s to near 70, making for sweltering heat indicies over 100 degrees.

So with the region entering the dry season as well, there are now a few concerns that a bit of a drought is beginning to set in. It has been dry the past few weeks with a few localized downpours dropping a few inches but that's about it. Here are some of the local numbers for precipitation departure since January 1.

Reagan National{ }{ }{ } -2.76"

BWI Thurgood Marshall{ }{ }{ } -1.45"

Dulles Airport{ }{ }{ } +0.14"

Martinsburg, WV{ }{ }{ } +3.57"

Notice how farther to the west there has been heavier rainfall. That is where the rain will again be through the middle of the week, mainly in the mountains. Our chances locally{ }will be increasing as energy currently over the Pacific Northwest slides into our area. Thursday night through Sunday looks to have a good chance for rain, so hopefully much of the region can get some measureable rain before the week ends.