Here is your horrifying, world-record Zombie Pumpkin (VIDEO)

Ever wonder what happens to the world's largest pumpkins?

It ain't pretty. This past weekend, the season's crop of prize-winning, morbidly obese squashes were taken out to the New York Botanical Garden and carved to bits for showpieces in a "haunted" pumpkin patch. These were some truly unattractive jack-o'-lanterns. Take a look:

Urrrkkk... brains!!! (Photo courtesy of the Ivo M. Vermeulen of the New York Botanical Garden)

This total hottie was carved by Arizona native Ray Villafane, the Picasso of pumpkins, if Picasso had grown up in a dark carnival and was troubled by apocalyptic dreams of blood-drenched demons and the fiery demise of humanity. Villafane used two pumpkins for his gruesome masterwork, a 1,693-pound one to create the zombies and another 1,815.5-pounder for the vessel from which they are springing forth. He got the effect of pumpkin pulp flying through the air by mounting chunks on stiff wires.

The whole thing took the artist 15 grim hours to carve, a process you can see in slideshow and time-lapse forms. Here's a close-up video showing the sculpture in all its repulsive glory, if you can stand it:

Villafane's Facebook page has many more examples of why this man should be given a MacArthur genius grant. Look: He's found a way to make pumpkins sentient!