Heavy rainfall will be the main feature of the week

Tonight: Rain Likely, Cool

Lows: 60s | Rain: 1 inch or more

Wednesday: Cloudy Skies, Rain Likely

Highs: Upper 70s | Rain: 1 inch or more

Thursday: Mostly Cloudy, Rain Likely

Highs: Around 80 | Wind: SE 5-10 m.p.h.

What a complex weather pattern for the next few days. I am tempted to give details of what is happening and what will be happening in the atmosphere for the next few days but I am getting a headache just thinking about it. So let me highlight the major points: The remnants of TS Lee are in in the process of consolidating into a low pressure system well west of the Appalachians. A cold front, stalled out southeast of our area will start to move slowly northward over the next 24 hours as a warm front. Then a cold front will approach the region from the west late tomorrow and then stall out south and east of the region on Thursday. Got a headache yet ? Finally, by Friday, as the remnant low of Lee weakens and the cold front dissipates, the seemingly never ending flow of tropical moisture will end and we will see some clearing. But until that happens, we will see more rain…maybe another 2 to 3 inches in some areas{ }with locally higher amounts. The heaviest rain and possible thunderstorms are expected later tomorrow with the westerly approaching cold front. Anybody have an Advil?