Happy New Year! What January 2013 Weather in D.C. Will Bring

I can't believe a New Year is upon us!{ } 2012 was a year of many weather records, especially in D.C.{ } As we open the new calendars, this first day of { }January '13, what does the weather for the month bring?{ } Well, it's hard enough forecasting a week in advance, let alone a full month, but climatologically, this is what January brings:

The average high temperature for the month is about 43°, but this first week is going to be colder than average!{ } Highs will barely reach the 40 degree mark!{ }{ } Even though the month will start off cooler than average, there are signs that milder air may build in for the middle and end of the month.{ } The Climate Prediction Center's{ }January temperature outlook is milder than average across much of the country.{ }

Climate Prediction Center

Are you a snow lover wishing for snow to start off the New Year?{ } Well, there's no sign of any major weather systems that{ }could bring snow within the next week, but climatalogically speaking, January picks up a little over 5 and a half inches of snow (I know I'm hoping we are near or above average!).{ }{ } According to the Climate Prediction Center's precipitation outlook for January, the odds are not in my favor for a very snowy (or wet) January.

Climate Prediction Center

There are many variables that go into long range forecasting, so it's very hard to determine so early in the month what the rest of January will hold.{ } These forecasts and climate statistics are good to look at, but hold no definite to what will actually occur.{ }

Hopefully, regardless of the weather, the New Year brings you health, happiness, and prosperity!