So much sun, but where's the rain??

After a beautiful spring day Friday, with brilliant blue skies, and seasonable temperatures,{ }it's hard to think about a rainy day.{ } But when you stop and think, when was the last time we had a grey, rainy day?{ } Well, we did have a little rain on the 1st and 2nd of the month, but less than a tenth inch of rain both days.{ } In fact, we've only had 3 days with over a half inch of rain in 2012 (Feb. 29 - 1.44"; Jan. 11 - 0.51"; Jan. 27 - 0.63") !{ }{ } DC is already 3.88" below average for the year.{ }

Any significant rain in the forecast?{ } We aren't expecting any decent rain{ }over the next 7 days{ } Take a look at our latest 7 day forecast.{ } The only day we could see a chance of rain is late Monday.{ } Even then, it doesn't look like we'll see more than a half inch.{ }

StormWatch7 7 Day Forecast

So does it look like there will be any change in the long range forecast?{ } Well, we it will certainly be a little cooler over the next week with highs in the upper 50s.{ } As for the rain, well, the good news is the Climate Prediction Center's latest 8-14 day precipitation outlook doesn't show us under abnormally dry{ }conditions.{ } At the same time, it also does not show us receiving above average rainfall.{ } Here's the latest probability map for 8-14 day outlook.{ }

Climate Prediction Center

The wetter than average conditions are expected in the Southeast and the Pacific Northwest with drier conditions anticipated over New England and the Desert Southwest.{ } DC is sort of in the middle, so it may be a tossup as to what precipitation will be like over the next few months.{ }

So let the rain dance begin and until we get that much needed rain, enjoy the sunshine!

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