Greenland Ice: More melting and an immense iceberg

"Chasing Ice" is a incredible documentary film that has won numerous awards, but was not nominated for this year's academy award for documentary film. But it was nominated for best original song.{ }

The film documents some of the rapid changes taking place in the world of ice: the "Cryosphere". Some recent studies have shown increasing evidence of increasing melt rates of the immense ice pack covering Greenland. This past summer showed the longest duration of Greenland surface ice melt since satellite measurements began in 1978.

The long term trend from this same report also shows increasing areas and duration of melting Greenland ice in the summer.{ }

The impacts of{ } some of these changes are dramatically captured in "Chasing Ice" and this video showing the breaking up of glacier ice that "calved" an iceberg about the size of Manhattan.{ } Enjoy the video and better yet watch the movie. . . and we'll all find out if the song wins an Oscar too.