Geyser of rainwater lifts Montreal car into the air (VIDEO)

On Monday, a distended storm system unloaded nearly a foot of rain in less than an hour over downtown Montreal. The massive influx of runoff had to go somewhere and, unfortunately for one driver, most of it seemed to explode directly underneath the silver car shown in the video below.

The gushing from the manhole starts off slow but eventually builds up a head worthy of Old Faithful, rocketing off the screen and at one point holding the vehicle aloft on its front wheels for a good five seconds. The car hops and drops so much it would gather cheers at a Detroit low-rider contest. By the time the Kraken's blowhole stops squirting, the auto's sodden rear end is going to need a miracle of a repair job.

This same low-pressure system was also responsible for dropping a potent downburst onto Ottawa's Bluesfest late on Sunday, crumpling a stage and sending the members of Cheap Trick scrambling for their lives. In this bout of Humanity v. Weather, weather clearly emerged laughing and holding the title belt.