Fun at school: Our newest WeatherBug school

      We now have over 400 schools in the Washington area that are part of the WeatherBug network.{ }

      Schools with interactive weather stations and cameras. I started this network (in a previous life) as the "4-WINDS" program of weather stations in schools and using weather and weather stations in schools as a "window into science and math".{ } Wednesday I had fun at one of our news schools to join the network, St. Thomas Aquinas Regional School in Woodbridge.

      I not only talked about how I became a meteorologist, but took lots of great questions.

      Then a tour of the school that had a "weather theme" competition in the{ } school hallways.{ } Everything from sunshine, to wind, storms and a great tornado.

      ....{ }and a winter theme with a familiar mug dressed for winter.

      and a pre-K group of penguins.{ }{ }

      Everyone was into weather and as you drive around your neightborhood, if you see something like this on the roof.{ }

      It's one of our WeatherBug schools and may be the home of a future meteorologist.{ } Find out more about the program and how your school can join here.