Follow the latest tornado outbreak through the Midwest

      Another major tornado outbreak is expected today. As a meteorologist, I'll be watching this event unfold around the clock. I wanted to let you know exactly what I look at and what sites I go to to check on the latest watches and warnings, Doppler radars, TV stations and even storm chasers to keep an eye on the storms.

      As far as watches and warnings are concerned, there are currently six tornado watches, with two of them being tornado watches with "Particularly Dangerous Situation" statements on them. Those two areas from St. Louis to Memphis are in a very dangerous spot. Strong long-tracked tornadoes are possible in these areas today.

      I always try to watch TV stations across the country, and with storms already beginning to bear down on some major city centers, you should check these sites for live streaming video.

      St. Louis - KMOV{ }(Storms moving{ }through the area this afternoon)

      St. Louis - KSDK{ }(Storms moving through the area this afternoon)

      St. Louis webcams

      Indianapolis - WISHTV{ }(Storms moving through the area this afternoon)

      Indianapolis Live Cams

      Paducah - KFVS

      Memphis - WREG{ }(Later this afternoon and evening)

      Evansville - WFIE{ }(Later this afternoon and evening)

      Another awesome perspective is the Chaser Cams that are in chasers dashboards as they pursue the storms and possible tornadoes.{ }Very cool to ride along with them.

      Also be sure to follow as many meteorologists as possible on Twitter for the latest on watches, warnings, video and pictures coming in from across the country. Follow me at @alexliggitt and follow the jump for more links and video.

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