Flooding prompts water rescues in D.C. region

      As heavy rain continues to fall in already waterlogged Washington region, crews have been working full-time rescuing people stranded in the raging waters.

      The flooding was fed by drenching rains that cause rainfall totals to top 7 inches in the region, while people were forced to evacuate their homes and{}others were pulled out of harm's way.

      Here's a list of some of the water rescues reported in the Metro region:

      -{}Prince William County fire and rescue workers, with help{}from Fauquier County and Stafford County, responded to 24 swift water rescue calls and 40 flood related hazard calls with no reported weather-related injuries.

      -{}Montgomery County Fire released images of a water rescues near Bradley Boulevard and Kendale Road.

      {}- Prince George's County Fire reports{}three people were pulled from cars stuck in standing water on Croom Road near Douglas High School. No one injured.

      - People were rescued from three vehicles at Woodyard Road and Rosaryville Road in Rosaryville.{}

      - A driver was{}pulled from a car stranded in high water at Pinewood Drive and Lucy Drive in Waldorf.

      - ABC7 reports a water rescue in Bowie where people were safely pulled from three cars that{}were stuck in high water on Millstream Drive.

      - Prince George's County Fire crews{}rescued several vehicles stranded in high water in the Brandywine area.