Tuesday flight motto: 'Going west is a mess'

(WJLA) - The boards bare almost nothing but bad news at Reagan National Airport on Tuesday – a sight this rare is worthy of a snapshot.

One passenger says a ticket agent summed it up best:

"He said "Going west is a mess" -- that's the motto for today."

For those flights that did take off, it was no easy feat. Ground crews here would halt movement, teams of trucks would treat the runways, then some de-icing was required before taxiing away.

But at times, it is eerily quiet here, with empty walkways and plenty of parking spots as many wisely checked ahead.

These near white-out conditions cause a different challenge for Rhonda Brown, here to pick up about 13 or 14 people from multiple cities for a business meeting.

“It is like a puzzle," she says. "I keep getting calls that they're changing to a different time zone... I think two of them are cancelled."

And then there are those who rolled the dice, like Jim Leverton. He showed up asking for an earlier flight back to Minnesota – even if that meant adding a leg.