Did You See Enough Snow Today? This May Make You Feel Better

      The whimpy system that moved over our area today didn't leave too much for snow lovers.{} I have to say, I was a little disappointed we didn't see any flakes in DC.{} Folks North and West of the metro area did get a bit of snow to, at least, satisfy the "winter wonderland" feeling.{} Here's a picture from one of our WeatherBug cameras, earlier this afternoon, in Ijamsville, MD.

      WeatherBug Camera

      Snow totals were slim to none across the region.{} Smithsburg, in Frederick County, MD, picked up a whopping two inches (can you sense a little sarcasm from the snow lover here?).{} Most other spots, that saw snow, received anywhere from a trace to 1.5 inches.{} Here are the latest snowfall reports from the National Weather Service.

      I know some people were perfectly content with the little to no accumulations today.{} Others were hoping for more.{} Regardless of how you feel, let's take a quick trip back memory lane to two years ago, almost{}to the day, -- SNOWMAGEDON!{}

      The same areas in Frederick that saw between 1 and 2 inches of snow today were buried under 25 inches of snow two years ago today.{} Here's a map of the total snowfall during this storm.


      After a bit of{}reminiscing over the snow two years ago, I think I'm a little more content with the lack of snow in{}DC today.{} That doesn't mean I'm not still hoping for some more snow, but maybe a happy medium between these two.

      NWS Snow Totals Feb. 8,{}2012 NWS Snow Totals Feb. 6, 2009