Early morning storm leaves D.C. area soaked

Not far from Lake Jackson in Brentsville, Friday morning delivered a familiar yet unwelcome pattern: After the rain comes flooding.

When Christiane Farley and her sons woke up the field behind their home was dry. But as 9 turned to 10 to 11, the flooding started.

"It's amazing what it can go from in a short time," Farley says.

Cedar Run had spilled over its banks, carrying with it bales of hay from the farm next door.

"We thought we had squeaked by this year because this is normally in springtime,” Farley says. “But we see it happening again."

Nearby in Nokesville and close to Quantico, the heavy and fast rains washed out roads, causing a scare for drivers.

The overnight downpours created problems throughout Northern Virginia.

Early Friday, police patrolled familiar trouble spots like Huntington and Old Town, Alexandria.

And as the day arrived, flooding forced road closures at Route 1 and Fairfax County Parkway in Newington and in Annandale, where a Mercedes got caught in the flash flood.

Dan Schmidt with Fairfax County Fire and Rescue says the department performed eight swift water vehicle rescues in eight different locations county-wide. No one was hurt.

"There's a lot of low-lying areas that flood very quickly and rapidly,” he says.