Dry start Wednesday- wet finish

      Overnight: Clear Bright and Chilly Increasing Clouds Late

      Lows: 27-33 | Wind: Light

      Thursday: Sunny Early -{}Cloudy by Noon- {}Rain Afternoon Moderate Rain Late

      Highs: 44-49 | Precipitation: Near 100% by Evening

      Tomorrow Evening: Rain Moderate-Heavy Tapering off Late

      Temperatures: 42-47 | Rain: 1" or more most areas

      Beautiful day today with a high of 54 again well above average.{} Tomorrow's storm is in the southeast and will move to Kentucky by Thursday but the clouds are slow to come in so early Thursday will still be a bit sunny but take the umbrella.{} A second storm will form late Thursday move almost over us by Thursday night.{} All of which means rain NOT SNOW and some spots over 1 inch of rain.{} As the storm passes late tomorrow night temperatures will rise then fall as cold air sweeps in Thursday night.{} A chilly but sunny weekend