Drought busting rain

This Afternoon: Sunny and Warm just fair weather clouds

Highs: Near 75 | Wind: Light

Saturday: Sunny Early, Increasing Clouds Afternoon, Evening Showers and risk of Thunderstorms

Highs: 74-79 | Rain: 60% chance by Evening

Sunday: Rain, moderate to heavy by afternoon, breezy and chilly

Highs: 52-57 | Rain: 80% Chance

A delightful day today and finally a good soaker coming our way Sunday.{ } A weather front will swing across the area late Saturday but before evening most of the day Saturday will be dry so get the yard work done Saturday.{ } All signs are that by late Saturday into Sunday a major coastal storm will be forming to our south and moving off the Delmarva coast by Sunday afternoon and into New Jersey by Monday.{ } This storm will cause strong winds along the coast, soaking rains across the area and even snows in the mountains of West Virgina by Monday as the storm draws in some cold air as it moving into New York State and heads toward Canada.{ } Quite a stormy day Sunday but with our rain deficit of 5" and severe drought over the Eastern Shore some welcome rain.