Delightful Tuesday

      This Afternoon: Sunny Delightful but still plenty of pollen

      Highs: Near 70 | Pollen Count: Oak 193

      Overnight: Increasing Clouds not as Chilly

      Lows: 48-54 | Wind: Light

      Wednesday: Only Partly Sunny and Chance few Light Afternoon Showers

      Highs: 68-74 | Rain:{ } Only 30% Chance

      A beautiful Tuesday afternoon after starting in the 30s in the suburbs.{ } Dry high pressure over us now but later today and tonight a weak low pressure or wave in the atmosphere will move to our north and a trailing cool front may kick off a few needed showers tomorrow afternoon.{ } We can really use the rain this time of year with everything blooming and greening out.{ } Rain since early March is now more than 3 inches below average.{ } By Thursday and into the Easter weekend back to dry air and lots of sun and