DC Forecast: Humidity, threat of showers return for the weekend

This Afternoon:Mostly Cloudy, Scattered Showers Highs: 81-85 Rain: 50% Chance Tonight:Cloudy, Warm, Showers Likely Lows: 64-70 Rain: 40% Chance Sunday:Mostly Cloudy, Humid, Showers Likely
Highs: 80-83 Rain: 70% Chance

After two "pleasant as it gets in Washington" summer days, the weekend will be a bit stickier, cloudier, and most likely wetter as well.{ } The dew points that dropped into the 50s on Friday and made for a perfectly comfortable day have risen into the 60s as winds have shifted to the south and high pressure moves offshore.{ } A cold front is poised to the northwest and will begin a slow movement toward the DC area, bringing with it an increase in clouds and eventually rain and thunderstorms.{ }

Skies are mostly cloudy and there is a chance of scattered showers through the afternoon.{ } The possibility of showers will{ }continue overnight and increase on Sunday.{ } Tomorrow could feature some periods of heavy rain as the front nears and the moisture level rises.{ } Highs today should reach the mid 80s and drop a few degrees on Sunday to near 80.

Happily, the return to humid conditions will be brief, as high pressure is expected for the Monday.{ } Highs near 80 under mostly sunny skies will bring back the joys of the past two delectable days!{ } Enjoy your weekend.{ }