Daylight Saving brings an early taste of summer

      This Afternoon: Sunny & Milder

      Highs: 60-65 | Wind: S 5-10

      Tonight: Mostly Clear, Not as Cold

      Lows: 38-46 | Wind: S 5-10

      Monday: Partly Sunny, Warmer, PM Clouds

      Highs: 65-70 | Wind: S 5-10

      Yesterday's chill was the exception{}in a month that has been resolutely warmer than a March ought to be!{} The 50 degree high at Reagan National was just the third below average day in a month that is over 6 degrees above the norm.{}

      Given that the coming week is expected to be almost summer-like with daytime highs in the 70s and nighttime lows dipping only to the 50s, March will come to resemble May even more.{}

      With southerly winds and high pressure in place, today will feature plenty of sunshine and highs in the low 60s.{} The high begins to move away on Monday. But while some clouds and a cold front{}will arrive late in the day and some showers could fall into Tuesday, there is no cold air in the wake of the front.{}

      On the contrary, a succession of warm, even slightly humid days will characterize an unseasonably warm week.{} Highs in the mid to upper 70s will make{}belie winter{}- which is still the official season until March 20!{} Enjoy your first day of Daylight Saving with sunny skies until 7:12 PM.{}