Dangerous weather rips through South, Midwest

(WJLA) - On Friday night, rescue workers in Carroll County, Kentucky are trying to reach this home and any survivors. But this massive mudslide continues pulling downward, making it an active danger zone.

Officials are moving quickly to warn others whose homes might also give way, as dangerous weather rips through the south and Midwest.

Meanwhile, in Hunt County, Texas, Bruce Lee is thankful to be alive after a fast-moving tornado left him unable to reach the storm shelter – just feet away from his front door – yesterday.

At this Wal-Mart in Denton, Texas near Dallas, funnel clouds were forming as tornado sirens warned it was time to take cover – sending people fleeing.

Even for locals used to strong and sometimes violent spring storms, this was a scary combination of strong winds, tornado sightings, and massive hail that pelted through buildings and cars.

From inside her home, Denton resident Jennifer Harriman captured the river of floodwater combined with hail that swept down the street.

And in Franklin County, Missouri, floodwater has cut off many roads, sweeping cars and trucks into swirling pits of rising water as rescuers try to reach those trapped and warn others to stay off the roads.