Dangerous heat is here

Today: Dangerous Heat & Humidity

Highs: 98°-102° | Heat Index: 110°-115°

Overnight: Very Warm and Muggy

Lows: 72°-82° | Heat Index: 80s

Tomorrow: Intense Steam Heat, Stray Storm

Highs: 100°-104° | Heat Index: Up to 116°

A very large and strong area of high pressure aloft is building into the area and will create a dangerous combination of heat and humidity through Saturday. Highs will soar to 100°+, possibly challenging a few area records, and it could feel as warm as 115° degrees with the humidity. Chances for cooling storms will be very low with only a stray to isolated storm possible into the weekend. It appears as though there will be “some” relief Monday and Tuesday as a cold front tries to cross the area…but temperatures may still be into the low 90s following the front.

A Code Orange is also in effect for Maryland, meaning that the air quality in the area is so poor that people with health ailments, children and the elderly should limit their time outside.

Stay cool and practice those life-saving heat safety tips: drink plenty of water, slow down, stay in a cool place, avoid strenuous activity outdoors, dress in light-colored and loose-fitting clothing, and check neighbors.