D.C. weather Monday: Only two days before horrible heat returns

Hate to tan? Then you might not want to go outside this week. By Wednesday, it will feel as if the sun is hanging about two feet overhead, with temperatures in the 90s once again.

Today will probably be the most bearable of the week. Highs in the mid-80s, a slight breeze to prevent the air from becoming stagnant, a sun that's not too in-your-business. If you're lucky enough to live near the Chesapeake Bay, there's a chance of refreshing showers in the afternoon. Monday will most definitely be the time to sport those jorts. Soon, just thinking about putting on denim will trigger a flood of sweat.

That's because the local atmosphere is getting jacked by an aggressive anti-cyclone called the Bermuda High. The system is what's known as a semi-permanent high, or one whose effects persist and can be somewhat predicted from year to year. In the summer, the Bermuda High is responsible for a good portion of the East Coast's humid, hot weather, because its clockwise spin draws in sticky air from the South. In the winter, it wanders off to the eastern corner of the Atlantic and bugs the folks in Portugal for a while as the “Azores High.” (Similar semi-permanent systems are stationed around the globe, such as the Siberian High that channels freezing air to east Asia, and the Aleutian Low, which helps strengthen cyclones in the northern Pacific Ocean.)

People in the D.C. area will start to taste the steamy Bermuda gravy on Wednesday. The heat index that day could max out at around 100 degrees. Thursday could be even a little hotter) as the sun puts a magnifying glass over the region to really fry people's brains out before storms potentially swoop in to alleviate some of the pain.