D.C. Weather Forecast: Sunshine and gusty breezes

      TODAY: Partly{}cloudy, windy and chillyHighs: 45-49Wind: N/NW 10-20+ mph

      TONIGHT:{}Breezy and cold under clear to partly cloudy skiesHighs: 30-36Wind: N 15-20 mph

      TOMORROW:{}Partly cloudy and chilly with a sprinkle. Still breezy.Highs: Upper 40sWind: NW 15-20 mph

      Yesterday's storm is gone. For a great discussion on what happened{}read{}Bob Ryan's blog here. However, if you live just west or even south{}of the city, it was not a{}disappointment. Check out some snow totals reported.

      Looking ahead, we will still deal with gusty winds today and tomorrow. These will be generated by yesterdays storm, which is well out to sea and high pressure building back into the region. Skies will be partly cloudy and temperatures will remain below average. The weekend will feature more sunshine and a warming trend.