D.C. weather forecast: Up and down temperatures with sporadic rain

Saturday: Partly Cloudy & Warm

Highs: 60°-66° | Wind: S 3-8 mph

Tonight: Mostly Cloudy & Mild

Lows: 46°-50° | Wind: Light & Variable

Sunday: Gray, Spotty Drizzle & Sprinkles

Highs: 50°-55° | Wind: E 3-8 mph

The morning fog is giving way to afternoon sunshine, and that should help boost temperatures into the 60s.{ } Warm air is in place for today, but don't expect any consistency in temperatures until the middle of next week.{ } Highs today should reach into the mid 60s this afternoon but drop into the mid{ }50s{ }tomorrow.{ } Sunday looks rather gray with spotty drizzle and sprinkles.{ } More widespread rain is in the works for late Monday, which will be another warm day with highs close to{ }70°.{ }