D.C. Weather Forecast: Swinging Temperatures Today

This Afternoon: Mostly Sunny

Highs: Low 50s | Wind: SW 5

Tonight: Clear Skies

Lows: Low to Mid 30s | Wind: S 5

Wednesday: Partly Cloudy

Highs: Upper 50s | Wind: Sw 5-10

This morning temperatures were 10-20 degrees colder than yesterday{ }morning and many of us found ourselves scraping a bit of ice off the windshield.{ } Despite the start below freezing, a southwesterly wind and mostly sunny skies will allow temperatures to rise into the lower 50s this afternoon and into the mid to upper 50s tomorrow.{ } Check out this map from that show the forecast temperature departure for Wednesday. Much of the country will be mild.{ }{ }

Wednesday Temps above Average

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{ } A weak cold front will pass Wednesday evening, but we don't expect it will bring any rain or snow with it.{ } Temperatures will temporarily cool a bit behind the front for Thursday, and a stronger storm that is in Texas today will bring a chance of showers Thursday night and Friday.{ } The warmth returns for the weekend.

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