D.C. weather forecast: consistent temperatures and sunshine

      Tuesday: Partly Cloudy, A Bit Breezy At Times

      Highs: Near{}48-52 | Wind: N 10 mph

      Overnight: Partly Cloudy & Cool

      Lows: 29-35 | Wind: N 3-8 mph

      Wednesday: Partly Cloudy & Cooler

      Highs: Upper 40s | Wind: N{}5-10 mph

      We'll finally have some consistency in temperatures for the rest of the week. A cold front recently moved through the D.C. area, and the wind shift will cause cooler air to spill into our backyard. Today is the transitional day as temperatures won't move too much throughout the day despite sunshine, so expect afternoon temperatures near 50. Tomorrow will be just a few degrees cooler with highs in the mid/upper 40s and filtered sunshine. Sunshine should be the rule for the end of the week with highs slowly climbing into the lower 50s by Friday. The next chance of rain isn't until Sunday.