D.C. Weather Forecast: Sunshine today...clouds, rain and snow tomorrow

Today: Mostly{ }sunny, breezy and mild
Highs: 49°-55°
Wind: W 10-15+ mph

Overnight: Partly{ }cloudy
Lows: 32°-38°
Wind: Light W

Tomorrow:{ }Cloudy with pm rain that may mix/change to snow at night
Highs: 42°-47°
Wind: NW 5-10 mph

Skies cleared during the pre-dawn hours and has set us up for a very pleasant day. It will be partly to mostly sunny and mild. Highs will reach 50 degrees in most areas and could reach the lower 50s south of Washington. A few clouds will return tonight and temperatures will fall into the 30s.

During the day tomorrow, look for a steady increase in cloudiness beginning early in the morning. Areas of rain will move into the area during the afternoon. By tomorrow night, enough cold air may arrive in the lower levels of the atmosphere to change the rain to snow but this is most likely north and west of the metropolitan area. There is a chance for some accumulation in the order of a couple inches. Right now, those chances seem restricted to areas west of the Blue Ridge and Catoctins.But since temperatures will be so critical to what type of precipitation falls, we will keep our forecast options open should conditions change.

Sunshine returns for Thursday and Friday with highs in the 40s. But much colder air will arrive Friday night and produce below average temperatures over the weekend. Snow showers could develop Saturday in the flow of cold and unstable air.