D.C. Weather Forecast: Clouds and colder air

Overnight: Cloudy, Any snow lower Eastern Shore

Temperatures: 40° falling to 30° by dawn | Snow: Not around DC

Friday: Sunny but Breezy and Cold

Highs: 34-39 | Wind: NW 15-25 Gusty

This Weekend: Sat. Partly Cloudy, Sun. Sunny and Cold

Temperatures: Sat. mid 40s, Sun. Near 40 | Snow: 0% Chance

"To say the forecast for Thursday is a challenge is an understatement".{ } That was how I opened my forecast yesterday evening.{ } By late yesterday and on our 11PM news the risk of any significant snow was decreasing and is now gone.{ } Our Live Doppler continues to show the dry air over our area essentially eating moisture. Look at the recent snowfall amounts not too far south{ }

{ }

For a full discussion of this "storm" be sure to read back over Alex's live blog through the day.{ } As is so often the case here in the DC area, a difference of 50 miles can make a huge difference in storm impacts-several inches of snow . . .or nothing.{ } We do{ } pass on and post all the "official" NWS weather watches and warnings, but as in the past and in the future we will give our own professional "take" on storms that may impact our area and sure try to give you the probabilities of impacts as with my "Bob's Odds" last evening.{ }

{ }Sure not my best forecast ever but the "risk" of even 1-2" snow I thought was only 30% by late yesterday{ } For the future, we all promise to always try and do our best and continue to do our homework. . .as I told all our young viewers to do last night : {>})