D.C. Weather Forecast: Spring Fever Today Touch Winter Tomorrow

      Overnight: Cloudy and cool

      Lows: 32-37 by dawn | Wind: Light

      Wednesday: Cloudy, Rain Developing Noon

      Highs: 42-47 | Rain: 100% by Afternoon

      Tomorrow Evening: Rain, Mixing with Wet Snow, Ending before midnight

      Temperatures: 42 falling to 34 | Snow: Coating D.C. to 1-2" N&W Streets Wet

      The high today a delightful 59 which would have been right at home for late March.{} Rapid weather changes coming as a small storm developing in the south moves our way and then a secondary storm forms off the coast late tomorrow.{} As this happens clouds will spread in tonight and rain over much of the area by tomorrow noon.{} This is how out hyperlocal futurecast looks for tomorrow evening.{}

      As the storm grows stronger it will draw in cold air and in the northern and western suburbs will see a change to wet snow by late Wednesday evening{} and as the storm ends in D.C. Wednesday night, a coating of snow is possible in town.{} Under the strong sun today the road temperatures rose to 70, so any snow late Wednesday should not cause major road problems in the metro area but by this time tomorrow, it will sure feel like February.