D.C,.Weather Forecast: Snow Thursday Afternoon

Overnight: Cloudy, Chilly, Drizzle, Light Showers

Lows: 33-38 | Rain: 50% mainly south

Thursday: Rain changing to Snow around noon ending late

Temperatures: 36 falling to 32 by evening rush | Snow:{ } Wet 1" by evening rush

Tomorrow Evening: Snow Ending by 8PM

Temperatures: Falling below 32 and icy | Snow: 1-2" total DC; 2-4" south

To say the forecast for Thursday is a challenge is an understatement.{ } The recent cold rains have been with a front to our south, and a series of weak waves have kept us wet and cold.{ } Now all signs point to a final, but stronger storm forming over Georgia{ }overnight and moving off the North Carolina coast early Friday.{ } The track, of this yet to form storm, will determine when (and if) snow starts and how much we get.{ } Yesterday the likely track was well south. Early today, it was farther north, and some of the latest trends are for the track and heaviest snow to be well south of D.C.{ }Here are the{ }latest{ }"storm" headlines. { }

We've lowered the snow totals,{ }so D.C.{ }in the wet{ }1" range with slightly higher amounts near Fredericksburg, VA.{ }{ }Only a few flurries{ }North of the metro.{ } The timing{ }for any and all{ }wintery precipitation will be late in the afternoon and through the evening rush.{ } Expect{ }slower than average travel conditions, especially South of Washington.{ }