D.C. Weather Forecast: Snow and Rain

TODAY:{ }Snow this morning, rain this afternoon{ }
Lows: Near 40°
Wind: Light/Variable{ }

OVERNIGHT: Areas of rain
Lows: Near 40°
Wind: Light/Variable

TUESDAY:{ }Morning rain ending...becoming sunny and milder{ }
Highs: Mid 50s
Wind: W 10-20 mph

Here we go again. Another one of those marginal weather systems that has had us guessing for days whether this mornings' precipitation would be rain or snow or both. Now we know. While there have been some school closures, the snow has had minimal effects in the metropolitan area and points south and east. Most weather-related issues continue west of the Nation's Capital.

Temperatures at the surface and aloft will slowly and steadily rise today resulting in a slow transistion from snow to rain with mostly grass area accumulations.Exceptions will be at higher elevations where the turn over may be delayed. Areas of rain will continue tonight and not end until tomorrow morning. During the day tomorrow, skies will clear and it will become breezy and milder with temperatures climbing into the 50s.

On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, despite increasing susnshine, temperatures will remain below average. They may stay below average right though next weekend.

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