D.C. Weather Forecast: Mild today and warm for the weekend

Today: Partly Cloudy, Warmer
Highs: 55°-60°
Wind: SW 5-10 mph

Overnight: Mostly Cloudy, Cold
Lows: 32°-38°
Wind: NW 5-10 mph

Tomorrow: Limited Sunshine, Cooler
Highs: Near 50°
Wind: NE 2-5 mph

After a brisk start, expect another big warm-up as high temperatures climb into the mid and upper 50s this afternoon under a partly cloudy sky. A wind shift tomorrow will hold the mercury back to near 50° with limited sunshine.

A couple of showers are possible Friday with similar readings, still well above the seasonal average of 43°. But get this; a surge of milder air will push the temperatures into spring-time levels with 60s anticipated this weekend. Have a great day!

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