D.C. Weather Forecast: Mild start to the work week

      This Afternoon: Partly Sunny and Mild

      Highs: Mid to Upper 60s | Wind: S 5

      Tonight: Partly Cloudy

      Lows: Around 50 | Wind: S 5

      Tuesday: Partly Cloudy, Continued Warm

      Highs: Upper 60s | Wind: S 5

      Ahh, winter.{} Wait, what?!!{} Yep. Hard to believe we are starting the first full week of meteorological winter with temperatures more typically seen in Mid April (or Mid-October, take your pick).{} With high pressure to our east and a cold front to our west, we are sandwiched in the middle while the two{}are acting like a conveyor belt of wind pumping in from the south bringing mild temperatures and higher humidity to the Mid-Atlantic.{} We will remain in the warm sector for another day before reality sets in.{} While these temperatures are well above the average high of 51 at Reagan National, they are just{}shy today of the record high of 70 degrees.{} Tuesday's record high is 76, and I expect we will stay short of a record tomorrow as well.{} The Mid-Atlantic is not the only place with a warm up.{}

      East Coast High Temperatures

      {}Temps are above average across most of the country, with the largest departure in the Upper Midwest.{} 67 today in Chicago, 70 in Indianapolis, and 76 in St. Louis.{} Enjoy it while it lasts!!!