D.C. Weather Forecast: A classic wintry mix

TODAY: Mostly{ }cloudy with a wintry mix developing. Rain S & E
Highs: 35°-39°
Wind: ESE 5-10 mph

TONIGHT:{ }Mix to rain except far N & W where icy spots are possible
Highs: 31°-38°
Wind: E 3-6 mph

TOMORROW:{ }Periods of rain...heaviest east of I-95
Highs: 41-°-46
Wind: N 5-10mph

A{ }Winter Weather Advisory is in effect until 10 a.m.{ }tomorrow morning along and west of the Blue Ridge for potential{ }icy conditions, especially at elevations of 1,000 feet and higher.

The huge winter storm is in transition Friday morning. Our area will feel only fringe effects from the system as our focus shifts to a new area of low pressure that is expected to develop{ }over eastern North Carolina.

It will remain cloudy and unseasonably cold with temperatures holding in the 30s. A mix of snow, sleet and rain will develop. Fortunately, the amount of precipitation will be light and temperatures will be above freezing. Areas of rain are likely Friday night and especially tomorrow, as the new area of low pressure forms and moves along the mid Atlantic coastline.

Our weather fortunes will improve on Sunday as high pressure will start building back into the area. Skies will become partly to mostly sunny and temperatures will approach 50 degrees.