D.C. Weather Forecast: Sunny, breezy and cold

TODAY: Mostly{ }sunny, breezy and unseasonably cold
Highs: 38°-43°
Wind: NW 10-20+ mph

OVERNIGHT: Increasing{ } cloudiness
Highs: 24°-30°
Wind: N 3-6 mph

TOMORROW: Mostly{ }cloudy with a wintry mix developing
Highs: Upper 30s
Wind: SE 4-8 mph

A strong area of high pressure{ }is producing{ }another{ }sunny, breezy and cold day. As that system moves out Thursday night, cloudiness will slowly increase. By Friday, skies will be mostly cloudy.

Temperatures will remain well below average and some snow, sleet or rain may develop early in the afternoon. Though many areas may have to deal with several hours of a wintry mix, the amount of precipitation is expected to be rather light.

The weather on Saturday will be controlled by a new area of low pressure that is forecast to develop late tomorrow night. As that system moves northward along the mid-Atlantic coast, rain is likely across the area throughout the day. High temperatures will reach the lower 40s, so we are not concerned with ice.

The rain will end later Saturday night. High pressure will begin to build back into the area on Sunday. Skies will become partly to mostly sunny and temperatures will climb close to the{ }50{ }degree mark.{ }That is around the average high temperature for the last week of February.