D.C. Weather Forecast: Frost start....mild finish!

Today: Mostly Sunny, Milder
Highs: 44°-48°
Wind: SW 4-8 mph

Overnight: Clear and Downright Cold
Lows: 27°-37°
Wind: Light

Tomorrow: Mostly Sunny, Even Warmer
Highs: 55°-60°
Wind: SW 6-12 mph

What a difference a day makes....look at how much colder it is today versus yesterday as you step out the door!

{ }Winter continues to be on hiatus with milder air building in for the afternoon. In fact, we should be about ten degrees above the seasonal average of 43°, under mostly sunny skies. Tomorrow brings even warmer air before a dry front passes in the evening. A wind shift Thursday holds temperatures back to near 50, but the cool down will be brief as we could spike into the 60s by the weekend! Have a great day!